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I needed my carpet cleaned because I have guests coming soon. So I called this company, and Ricardo responded so quickly, came the same day with an estimate. Honestly reluctant, but he actually impressed me with his work!!! I highly recommend them!

Charletta R.

I needed a carpet cleaner to come out immediately, as my Mom’s carpet needed cleaning and sanitizing. I called Golden Carpet Cleaning, and they made it a priority to come out the next day. I was able to coordinate with the neighbor to let Ricardo into the house.  I was also able to pay with Venmo.  This made it all so incredibly easy to get the job done, very professional, extremely kind.  I would highly recommend them!!

MIchal B.

Ricardo and Iliana were awesome! Both are extremely friendly and helpful in getting our carpet clean as can be. It was shocking to see how much dirt was sitting on the surface, especially before moving in a year ago. They worked fast, efficiently, managed to get set up with me doing very little, and were out the door in a few hours. I would definitely recommend them again. Totally worth the money, and I am still in shock at how great our carpet looks.

Sandra M.